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Suncoast Rodent Control is locally Owned and Operated in Sarasota County, FL. Owner Dave Ferrante is a licensed & insured rodent and nuisance wildlife removal professional. For years we have proudly protected homes and families of the Gulf Coast of Florida. We utilize the best practices to efficiently resolve your rodent troubles. We Guarantee It. We Aren't Satisfied Until You Are.


We're Available 24 Hours A Day, Everyday, All Year Round Online. We don't quit until your vermin are gone.

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Our Work Is Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We're Not Happy With The Results Until You Are.


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The first step is knowing your enemy invader.

Rats are always in search of warm, dry harbourages to nest. They also are constantly seeking new food sources, particularly during periods of cooler weather in Florida. Our Roof Rats and Rodents are nocturnal and acclimated to our warm weather, so when it turns cold (in the 50s and 60s) they seek shelter. YOUR HOUSE!

Suncoast Rodent Control has licensing, certification, and insurance regulated by the State of Florida and our wildlife laws. We perform professional grade repairs resulting in a permanent solution, keeping RATS out forever!

We can (as an option) suit-up in Haz-Mat gear, vacuum up the droppings, remove the contaminated insulation, and apply a commercial grade disinfectant to help eliminate odors, insects, along with thousands of dangerous disease-bearing bacteria the RATS left behind. Diseases such as Hanta-Virus, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, Salmonellosis, and Lymphocytic Meningitis.

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Due to the ever increasing amount of Commercial and Residential expansion, rodents who once thrived in many local habitats are now being pushed into people’s homes for food and shelter.

Wildlife in the home or office can do serious structural damage. Animals destroy electrical wiring, phone, cable, computer lines and security systems. Wildlife can also be carriers of disease such as rabies, distemper and many other serious diseases.

Reach out to Suncoast Rodent Control today by simply filling out this form, calling us, or texting us to protect your home or office and to stop the RAT invasion from nesting there.

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  • Sarasota, FL
  • Venice, FL
  • Englewood, FL
  • Osprey, FL
  • Nokomis, FL
  • Bradenton, FL
  • Northport, FL
  • Casey Key, FL
  • Englewood
  • Port Charlotte
  • North Port
  • Placida
  • Boca Grande
  • Rotonda West
  • Cape Haze
  • Punta Gorda